Next Project In The Works

Two projects down and two to go for my Davy College schedule! Things have not gone as I hoped, but I’m super pumped I’m at least going to finish my projects this year. I’m so behind on my reading/sketching/online classes. However, I’m still hopeful to get caught up between December and January, plus sew a few extra fun pieces.

Next on the list for projects is the Smooth Sailing trousers from Wearing History. This project has an added excitment because the trousers will go towards my Vintage Inspired Four Piece Mini Capsule Wardrobe. Rochelle from Lucky Lucille put this together. I’m so thankful she didn’t put a time limit on it, because I would be way behind. The trousers will be my first piece in my VIFPMCW. I plan to add two blouses and a skirt or cigarette pant to complete the wardrobe.

I’m using a black linen for the trousers, basically the same fabric I used for my Mimi blouse. I didn’t want anything too heavy or I couldn’t wear them in the summer, but I also didn’t want too light weight where you could see through them. Hopefully I found a nice middle ground.

My only (small) complaint so far is the pattern, it makes this awful sound when I unfold it or fold it back up and all I want to do is rip it to shreds. My husband feels the same way, poor guy. I also couldn’t seem to get my act together when it came to buying supplies. I left JoAnn’s without a belt buckle and button, two essentials for the pattern. I’ll be making another trip this weekend.

Well, there you go. That’s what’s coming up next. These trousers are going to be really fun. I can’t wait to add them to my closet. Slowly but surely I’m growing a handmade wardrobe!

Has anyone else used a Wearing History pattern? How was your experience?

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